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Restore Energy

Balancing Energy With Tesla Metamorphosis

What is Tesla Metamorphosis?

Energy work is a holistic and complimentary practice that can help to activate and enhance your natural vitality by bringing the frequency of light within the human body into balance. Once this balance is re-established, transformative effects can take place on all levels and in whatever way is best suited to you - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Merging Science and Spirituality

Tesla Metamorphosis waves are a multidimensional form of energy vibration that are unique in their frequency, structure and form. They are capable of supporting the natural self-restorative properties of the whole being and clients report feeling rejuvenated with their sense of resiliance renewed.

Exciting news has emerged from the Institute for Bioenergetics Research in Belgrade. After comparison of Polycontrast Interference photograpy (PIP*) camera of Tesla Waves generated by the Tesla Amplifier and Extra Coil to Tesla Healing Metamorphosis and other energy work modalities, Professor Ljubo Ristovski concluded the following:

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  • The energy used in Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is clearly equal to the frequencies of Tesla Waves.

  • No other enegy work modalities were shown to access the Tesla Waves and other complex frequencies and densities of energy present in Tesla Healing Metamorphosis.

  • Of equal importance is the phenomenon of the resulting purple color in auras of students attending Tesla Metamorphosis seminars which have been shown to persist.

This last point reflects that frequencies of Tesla Waves can elevate the consciousness of Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioners to the level of the Crown Chakra. This enables Practitioners to access communication with

their clients on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress

in one decade, than in all previous centuries of its existence.

Nikola Tesla

Famed Scientest and Inventor

Tesla Metamorphosis Sessions

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is available to people of all ages. During sessions, energies are directed through the Practitioner’s heart intelligence. The healing frequencies initiated during a session continue to work with you after the session is completed.

Between three to six sessions, not more than one week apart, are recommended and are usually sufficient, after which significant changes are most frequently experienced.  In some instances additional sessions may be required. It is unnecessary to continue with regular sessions thereafter unless, of course, you enjoy the relaxing benefits of doing so.

Tesla Metamorphosis can be performed locally or at a distance without physical presence of the client with identical results.

Tesla Metamorphosis is also available to loving pets that are able to maintain a relaxed and non-threatening posture during a session.

Rosemary Churns is a Certified Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Breathwork Practitioner. Confirm your appointment today at (+1) 310-706-8695, or

*It is important to please avoid using personal care products containing fragrances on the day of your session.

Thank you!

Rosemary Churns, C.Ht

Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner

*PIP camera captures a real-time, moving image of the energy field and is considered more precise than the Kirlian Camera.

Excerpts from Anya Petrovic’s book “Tesla Metamorphosis – "Heal and Evolve” were incorporated into this article. You can learn more about Anya here.

*Biofield work is a holistic and complimentary practice and Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioners are not licensed by the state as healing arts practitioners. Please refer to our medical disclaimer here

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