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Breathing Room


Breathe           Release            Restore

Do you need to unwind and relax? Are you holding onto physical and emotional tension? Breathwork is a powerful way to balance and restore the mind and body for positive action, helping to ease you into a new way of being.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active two-step breath technique combined with guided meditation. This conscious, connected breathing opens energetic pathways within your body, mind and spirit allowing stored and unprocessed emotions, old thought patterns, physical  and emotional tensions and stress to be released.

Breathwork calms the mind and relaxes the body increasing your natural capacity for self-rejuvenation and allowing for a shift in perspective. It will leave you feeling balanced, energized and motivated to take positive action in your life.











Gentle and Effective For Centuries


Breathwork is a gentle, effective, holistic and complimentary technique that has been safely used in Eastern cultures for centuries. It is well known for its ability to promote a sense of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Breathwork will awaken and enhance your ability to connect with the power of love within you that is the foundation for restoring balance to all aspects of your life. In doing so, it has the ability to release you from the past and empower you to transform your future.  

No words can truly describe Breathwork. The experience and benefits are unique to each person. 

Rosemary Churns is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Certified Tesla Metamorphosis Energy Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Confirm your in office or online appointment today at

(+1) 310-706-8695, or

*It is important to please avoid using personal care products containing fragrances on the day of your session.

Thank you!

Rosemary Churns, C.Ht

Certified Breathwork Practitioner

*Breathwork is a holistic and complimentary practice and Breathwork Practitioners are not licensed by the state as healing arts practitioners. Please refer to our medical disclaimer here

Inhale the Good

Exhale the Bad

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